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Trip meeting has moved!

We are now meeting in our German classroom, 289.   Yes, upstairs and at the end of the hall.  Don't worry, it will get you in shape for the trip!

Lesson Plan, Q2, Week 1

Welcome back from fall break! 
Here is the plan for our first week of second quarter!  Viel Spaß!
This quarter we will start our class magazines and newspapers to be published electronically!  Keine Angst!

Test retake/remediation policy

Now is a good time to remind everyone of the retest/remediation policy for German, since we have a test and a quiz under our belts.
  • remediation is given for test scores below 70% only
  • remediation is for tests only, not quizzes, in class work, homework, or projects
  • maximum score of 70% can be attained on the second try; incomplete or incorrect remediation will result in less than 70%
  • remediation instructions will be given on the day students receive their graded tests, usually including attending a tutoring session, thorough test corrections, with explanations of errors, and more practice of the concept tested
  • remediation is due one week from the return of the test; if the grading period closes before one week's time, remediation is due on the last day of the grading period

 Want to wake up to a view like this?  Join us Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the CHS library and find out how!  Check out the trip website: