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Welcome to my world. I have been teaching at CHS for 33 years and love my job.
The Code image below is to access our payment site- or you can send check (make out to CHS) or cash for the supplies and class fee. Make sure to find Lancaster Art 1 Fee if you are purchasing your own supplies and if not  find Lancaster Art Box to pay for the supples.
We will be covering the Art Elements and Principles in this class as well as learning how to produce artwork. 

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 Teacher wish list. I always need tissues, Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.  If you could help out my appreciation will be great.  
 Open house Wednesday 8-23
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Monday 10-30

all except 5th art 1
2nd and 3rd weekly due. 
Teacher demonstrated watercolor techniques for practice paper.  Showed students difference between papers 
practiced watercolor techniques 
5th. Silhouettes of shapes does in broken format outlined with color pencil. 
Passed out papers and signed email agreement 
graphic media. Finished quick mask- collected projects from lesson 2 weekly and photos

Friday club day 10-27

Art 1 non 5th- practice calligraphy line
Art 1 5th weekly due- intro to shape and go over quiz-
Graphic media-  quick mask project

Wednesday 10-25

2-4th psat. Went to gym 
5th finished project and critique. Review on laptop for line quiz on Thursday 
6th find a view of set up for final project Took 4 photos of set up using phone as view finder

Fernand Léger - Wikipedia
Still Life with a Beer Mug, 1921, oil on canvas, Tate, London
5th period. After quiz we looked at this image   They had to write/ tell and draw/show how the artist used line in this piece.

Thursday. 10-26

2-4th and 6th
4th weekly due 
find end a view of composition.  Make 4 photos using phone.  Completed 4 thumbnail images in sketchbook to look N.C. refine composition 
did drawing on larger paper for practice page 
see examples 
5th period. Finished project, quiz on line, line evaluation looking at work of art sketchbook grade.
Graphic media quick mask intro lesson 8 

5th period finished. Layered. Background black lines re- Inked. 
Questions.  Is there washes and dry brush showing. Is there value/intensity change. Is there color change. Is there white areas showing in composition by lifting out color and letting paper show
fill out critique