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Week 9.25-9.29

Mon 9.25
Finish Acropolis
Tues 9.26 sub
summary of Greek Sculpture, Architecture, and Painting and Mosaic Art
Wed 9.27
*Late Classical- Grave Stele of Hegeso
*Hellenistic: Alter of Zeus and Athena at Pergamon
                  Athena battling Alkoneos, frieze at Alter of Zeus
                  :Winged Victory of Samothrace
Thurs 9.28
Finish Hellenistic:  Winged Victory
                              Seated Boxer
                              (Corinthian capitals pg. 152)
                              Alexander Mosaic
                              Athenian Agora** oops forgot this one**
{HW: Read 165-176} Copy timeline from pg. 177
Fri 9.29 "Etruscan for a Day"
*compare/contrast Greek temple and Etruscan temple
                      *Temple of Minerva, Sculpture of Apollo
                      *Tomb of the Triclinium
{HW Read Chapter 7: The Roman Empire}

August 21-25

 Monday- Eclipse Day! Video "Mystery of the Great Sphinx"
Tuesday- Ancient Near East
HW: Articles in Khan
Wednesday- Ancient Near East
HW: Articles in  Khan
Thursday- Ancient Near East
HW: Articles in Khan
Friday- Journals Due (images 12-19) Homework articles in Khan Academy Due!


 Monday- Journals Due (images 1-11), vocab handout
HW: Khan Academy quiz/article
Tuesday- Essay writing and scoring practice
HW: Practice Essay
Wednesday- Vocabulary Quiz, Exchange/ give feedback on practice essays, Review works 8-11 (return journals)
HW: none (study for test)
Thursday- Review notes on final works of art. Compare/contrast works of art.
HW: Study for Test
Friday- Unit 1 Test: Global Prehistory