Class of 2021 Senior Superlative Winners

Most Attractive: Male: Andy Stalls Female: Sydney Weron

Most Changed Since Middle School: Male: Joshua Ballew Female: Ashleigh Corley

Most Athletic: Male: Scottie Alexander  Female: Abby Johnson

Most Artistic: Male: Jaden Spencer Female: Morgan Domek

Most Musically Inclined: Male: Myron Taylor Female: Claire Criner

Most Likely to be friends in 30 years: Allie Starrett and Madison Haddix

Most Theatrical: Male: Jack Siegel Female: Jasmine Gillenwaters

Most School Spirited: Male: Martin Maxim Female: Sophia Douglas

Most Likely To Succeed: Male: Alex Zhang Female: Emily Sun

Most Likely To Show Up Late to Graduation: Male: Desztin Harris Female: Jordan Gwaltney

Most Likely To Change the World: Male: Brandon Gong Female: Sruti Gandreti

Best Smile: Male: Shahm Hemani Female: Nia Grace Sharp

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Male: Ben Stroud Female: Avery Peterson

Prettiest Eyes: Male: Jonathan Tooby Female: Abby Norwood

Best Dressed: Male: Logan Purser Female: Ella Laughmiller

Cutest Couple: Jordan Coleman and Jadyn Cobb

Most Outspoken: Male: Vann Moss Female: Emily Siegel

Class Clown: Male: Cole Waycaster Female: Destiny Todd

Most Sarcastic: Male: Caleb Wyrick Female: Julia Cavanaugh

Class Flirt: Male: Riley Basham Female: Tea Rugolo

Teacher’s Pet: Male: Noah Stewart Female: Samantha Hudgins

Classiest: Chloe Male: London Bouie Female: Nyah Willams

Most Likely to Sleep through a Teams Meeting: Male: Braden Bender Female: Catherine Couture

Most Likely to Make you laugh: Male: Kameron Jennings Female: Andrea Cervantes-Abraham

Mr & Ms. CHS: Male: Brian Bortz Female: Caroline Williams

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