CHS Knowledge Bowl "A" Team Wins CBHS Tournament

The following is the announcement from Mr. Collier, the CHS Knowledge Bowl sponsor/coach:
We took 3 teams to the Christian Brothers High School Academic Tournament today.  All three teams performed well.  The “B" Team just missed out on making the playoffs of the top 8 teams, falling 10 points short.  The “A" Team started slowly in the morning rounds but made the playoffs in the 8th spot.  In the playoffs, our Dragons picked up their play.  They beat the 1-seed MUS on a sudden-death tie-breaker question, and followed that up by beating ECS in another close match in the semifinals.  Second-seeded White Station was waiting in the championship, and our Dragons were able to come away with another narrow victory in something of a revenge match from last week’s 2nd place finish at Hutchison’s tournament.  Please congratulate the 1st-place “A” Team and also all the other students for their efforts.
A Team
Nima Babajani
Richard Li
Sri Choudannavar
Nick Gomez
Preetham Sanketh
B Team
Harrison Stewart
Subhash Eedarapalli
Emily Sun
Elliot Ahn
Brandon Zhang
C Team
Jessica He
Camden Suhoza
Sibhi Srinivasan
Ambalam Saravanakumar
Florentino Escobar
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