CHS Draco Playhouse Production of Murder's in the Heir Opens Thursday

Turn the game Clue into a play and you have the masterfully entertaining Murder’s in the Heir!’ Almost every character in this hilarious mystery has the weapon, opportunity and motive to commit the unseen murder.  Each of the heirs to the tyrannical billionaire Simon Starkweather has the means and the motive to do away with him.  Starkweather gathers his family and employees to announce the contents of his will.  His lawyer, Lois van Zandt, reveals that he has bequeathed vast fortunes to his befuddled niece Fiona, her playboy son Jordan, his great-niece Paula (a Southern belle) and his grandson Simon III, as well as to his many servants.  Then Lois delivers the bombshell!  Within hours this will becomes invalid.  Of course, the rejected heirs are not pleased, so it’s not surprising when they roam the old mansion carrying such items as an ax, a gun and poison. There is a murder.  Whodunnit????


Tickets are being sold by cast members, Mr. Luter and Mr. Salter and must be bought in advance (they have to let the Chef know how many to cook for)!!!  They are $25 each and are night specific.  The cast/company members are: 


Cameron Hutson

Gabby Nunez

Nathan Manley

Emily Hale

Hank Aiken

Abby Horner

Matt Freeman

Kala Morris

Teyah Young

Maddie Bobbitt

Graham Lindsey

Jasmine Gillenwaters

Emma Waycaster

Alexis Steelman

Marrissa Cherry

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