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CHS has 11 National Merit Semifinalists and 12 Commended Scholars

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TNReady Nextera Demo Platform is Now Open

The general public—including parents and students—can now access the TNReady Nextera Platform demo site. By clicking the link below, you will be able to see sample questions, familiarize yourself with the platform format, and experience online testing. It is not meant to be a demonstration of content, as there are a limited number of items available for math, English language arts, and social studies. An answer key is provided for each subject area.
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CHS Math Team Performs Well at the Ole Miss Math Contest

The Math Team participated in the Ole Miss Math Contest this past Saturday. The ‘B’ Team consisting of Alex Zhang, Richard Li, Bharat Jothilingam, and Mannan Goel placed third. In the individual portion of the contest, Alex Zhang placed 2nd and Akaash Padmanabha placed 3rd. Overall, the CHS math team walked away with $7,392.50 in scholarship winnings.
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ACT Tutoring for Juniors

As a reminder, there is a mandatory tutoring day for any junior who has not scored a 21 or higher on the ACT and who scored a 16 or higher on the practice test in October. That day is February 27. The two days mentioned in the letter are optional (students would attend one of the optional days, not both).

This day will count as a field trip and will not impact the number of days missed or exam exemptions.

Click on the link to read more about ACT tutoring for Juniors.
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Early Post Secondary Opportunity (EPSO) Parent Informational Meeting

We will be holding an "EPSO 101" parent meeting on 2/15 before parent teacher conferences at 5pm. Feel free to attend to learn more about what an Early Post Secondary Opportunity (EPSO) is and how CHS will be providing EPSO’s for all students in the future. This meeting is a precursor to EPSO Evening on 2/20, where families will be able to explore specific EPSO opportunities offered next year.
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Community Preview of Online Samples for Textbook Adoption

Collierville Schools will host a preview of online samples for Section C: Science, Wellness, Fine Arts, Media Arts, and A/V Technology and Communication. These sites will be active for parents and community members to preview the materials that are up for adoption by our district. Click on the link to find out more information about the textbook adoption.
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