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Angel Tree Week

Angel Tree Week is Monday (12-3) through Friday (12-7). Monday is PJ Day. Tuesday is Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. Wednesday is Sleigh Day. Thursday is S'Winter Day. Friday is Holiday Spirit Day and the Angel Tree Program. Check out the cover photo for more information.
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Important Information From the NHTSA About Student Safety

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging motorists to exercise caution and follow State laws when approaching a school bus or school crossing. Following a string of recent tragedies in Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, NHTSA is calling on the public and media to help educate communities on ways to reduce incidents of stop-arm violations and ensure all students arrive to and from school safely.
Click on the link to read more about being safe driving around kids going to and from school.
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Dragon Spirit Newspaper Information

The Dragon Spirit Newspaper has now been pushed out to all student and faculty computers.
In order to access it, everyone will need to do the following:
Go to Finder --> Applications --> Newspaper --> October Edition.ibooks
Double-click to open the newspaper.
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Advanced Spanish Classes celebrate Dia de Los Muertos

In honor of Día de los muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday, Mrs. Grele, Mrs. Williamson, and Mrs Smithson's classes created ofrendas. This holiday has evolved into a combination of Aztec practices and the Catholic All Saints and All Souls Days. Ofrendas are altar dedications to a deceased member of society in order to honor his or her life. Usually items that were important to the person are placed on the ofrenda along with other traditional objects. Click on the link to see the top 3 ofrendas based on voting. Great job advanced Spanish classes!
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