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Draco Playhouse won 6 awards at the Annual High School Musical Theatre Awards for their production of "Catch Me If You Can". . .Rachel Chestnut finished in the Top 10 and Lindsay Michaud earned honorable mention in the NY Times Editorial Essay Contest


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Welcome to my world. I have been teaching at CHS for 33 years and love my job.
The Code image below is to access our payment site- or you can send check (make out to CHS) or cash for the supplies and class fee. Make sure to find Lancaster Art 1 Fee if you are purchasing your own supplies and if not  find Lancaster Art Box to pay for the supples.
We will be covering the Art Elements and Principles in this class as well as learning how to produce artwork. 

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 Teacher wish list. I always need tissues, Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.  If you could help out my appreciation will be great.  
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Friday 11-3

great day. Changed seats 2nd day.  
Art 1 non 5th worked on layering the watercolors. Some are close to moving on to lifting out white and dry brush details 
art 1 5th. Worked on bottle broken composition. Some started the color pencil work. 
Graphic media. Trees due Monday. Finished extract piece.  Good progress

Example for broken shape project-  5th period- make sure your broken shapes are now looking like the reflections and parts of the bottle


new seats for all art 1 
2,3,4,6.  Watercolor paint the project 
5th shapes broken continued. 
graphic. Extract tool 


all except 5th art 1
4th and 6th weekly due. 
Finish drawing composition on watercolor paper and do calligraphy lines.  If finished let ink dry and erase pencil lines. Then start layering watercolor 
5th bottle composition in sketch book. Combining shapes. 
Graphic media. Pen tool 

Monday 10-30

all except 5th art 1
2nd and 3rd weekly due. 
Teacher demonstrated watercolor techniques for practice paper.  Showed students difference between papers 
practiced watercolor techniques 
5th. Silhouettes of shapes does in broken format outlined with color pencil. 
Passed out papers and signed email agreement 
graphic media. Finished quick mask- collected projects from lesson 2 weekly and photos