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CHS has 9 National Merit Finalists. . .Sophomore Micaela Anderson qualified for DECA Nationals. . .Seniors Natalie Estes and Claire Thomas qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament. . .Two VEX Robotics teams qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships


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Welcome to my world. I have been teaching at CHS for 33 years and love my job.
The Code image below is to access our payment site- or you can send check (make out to CHS) or cash for the supplies and class fee. Make sure to find Lancaster Art 1 Fee if you are purchasing your own supplies and if not  find Lancaster Art Box to pay for the supples.
We will be covering the Art Elements and Principles in this class as well as learning how to produce artwork. 

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 Teacher wish list. I always need tissues, Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.  If you could help out my appreciation will be great.  
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Monday 10-16

welcome back from fall break
art 1. Non 5th.   1.bellwork of fall break memory sketch with written explanation, 2. Grade review and critique. On back the of grade sheet tell me what you did best and what needs work on so you can be exempt from art exam, 3. Manila paper from art box. Open out and fold back to clean pages. Side 1 put name and date.  Do a b,cL,o of your glue bottle and ink bottles one in front of the other . Side 2 do a b,cL,o,cr of same subjects, side 3 do a sketch of objects. 6th did not get to this one.  if time on side 4 introduce control contours. Only 2nd did this.  Put all papers inside of the Manila paper and turn in.  Drawings are quiz grade. 
5th art 1. Same bellwork and grade critique, copied the page setup from my sketchbook to theirs on watercolor techniques.  Teacher directed the painting of the page, got drawings from practice paper and did watercolor washes to set up base colored of gourd photo. Looked great.
graphic media- robot with basic marquee shapes had to have background graded in class basic use of photoshop marque tools and short cuts to make shapes were evaluated.

Tuesday and Wednesday art 1

 students turned in fee and box money. Was given paper and started drawing set up 
Wednesday used color on drawing. 
Rational. Drawing from life see how students use elements and set up drawing then how to add color.