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French I Week of August 14th

lundi--Review alphabet; go over hw; did numbers; remind about quiz
Honors: culture sheet due on Friday
mardi--do numbers; do listening; give what is on quiz; do ex 12 p 10 for hw
mercredi--Verb Quiz; go over hw; review numbers
jeudi--Periods 1-3 class pix; 5-7 France video with worksheet
vendredi--Honors--culture sheet due; hand out sheet 2; Periods 1,2,3--go over negatives, introductions and articles; 5,6,7--finish culture sheets

French I Week of August 7th

 lundi--20 minute classes; general info
mardi--went over class rules; went over book; did basic greetings
mercredi--discussed la bise; went over être; did accents; did ABC's
jeudi--Went over ABC's; did all greetings; hw p 7 ex 1 & 3
vendredi--Went over hw; more greetings; reviewed alphabet; gave out vocab sheet; did listening; do ex 6 7 8 for hw