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Hi, I'm Mrs. Thomason!
This is my 18th year teaching mathematics, and my 5th year at CHS.
I am originally from Joplin, Missouri, where I graduated from Missouri Southern State University with a bachelors degree in secondary mathematics education. Shortly after I was married, I moved to Kennesaw, Georgia - a suburb of Atlanta - where we lived until my husband's job brought us to Collierville. We have two daughters, two dogs, and a turtle. 
I enjoy reading, jogging, crafting, walking with my dogs, and spending time with my family.
I LOVE teaching math at CHS. GO DRAGONS!
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Extra Credit

The final opportunity for EXTRA CREDIT this quarter:
Game Codes by class period:
1st 184192
3rd 157459  036938*
4th 893409  043887
5th 549450  120907
6th 208593  258081
7th 652527  393071
This must be complete before the start of class on Friday 3/10.
*if you already completed the extra credit with an expired code, it's okay, you don't have to redo it.
If you haven't started yet, use the new codes (all except 1st period).

Quizizz EXTRA CREDIT Review for 10.2 and 10.7

Go to
Please use the code for your class period:
1st - 271269
3rd - 695334
4th - 723644
5th - 186952
6th - 224671
7th - 502412

Lesson 8-6: Common Logarithms

Learn to:
  • solve exponential equations and inequalities using common logarithms.
  • evaluate log expressions using the Change of Base Formula
Assignment: "Homework 7" Worksheet (odds, front and back)
Quiz 8.5-8.6 - Wednesday 1/15
Test 8.5-8.7 - Monday 1/30

Quizizz Test Review

  1. go to
  2. Enter 6-digit game code for your class
    • 1st period: 941013
    • 3rd period: 845892
    • 4th period: 931807
    • 5th period: 722577
    • 6th period: 114760
    • 7th period: 013213
  3. Enter your FIRST and LAST name.
  4. Click "Start Game" to begin.
*If you need to take a break, you can stop and exit the game. When you log back in, enter the same name again, and you can resume your game where you left off.