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Physical Education Syllabus

Physical Education Syllabus

Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire a more than basic knowledge of team sports play, develop skill in specified team sports, and maintain or improve health-related fitness. The content should include, but not be limited to the following: safety practices, rules, terminology, etiquette, history of the sports, sportsmanship, correct techniques in performing skills, consumer issues, benefits of participation, fitness activities, and assessment of skills and fitness assessments. Sports offered in this class may include but not be limited to basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, badminton and bowling.

Course Requirements and grading scale:
Students will receive 10 points daily for participating in a team sport/activity.

1.Students will dress out every day unless told otherwise by the teacher.

2.In case of serious or extended illness or injury (more than 1 week) a doctor's note is required with instructions regarding appropriate activity or inactivity.

3.Students have 5 minutes to dress and sit on assigned space for attendance.

4.No equipment is to be picked up or activity begun until after attendance.

5.During class, students may not go into the dressing room without permission.

6.Grades are based on participation, effort, and attitude.

7. Dressing out everyday and enthusiastically participating in every activity is a positive approach to the grading process.