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Computer Applications

Standard 1.0

  1. Research recent developments in information technology affecting the supply/demand characteristics of the job market, including career pathways and occupational outlooks for occupations in business and finance that require information technology expertise. Synthesize findings into a presentation highlighting the typical roles and responsibilities of professionals in high-growth occupations. (TN Reading 1, 2, 7, 9; TN Writing 4, 6, 7, 8, 9) 

Standard 2.0

  1. Identify, connect, and demonstrate the correct usage of elements of a typical home computer, including a monitor, keyboard, mouse, network cable, and USB devices (such as camera, memory, or scanner). Perform basic troubleshooting as needed for situations involving these components (e.g., if the computer does not recognize a device). (TN Reading 3, 4) 

Standard 3.0

  1. Correctly and safely execute basic file management operations on a typical personal computer and shared storage media, including the opening, creating, copying, moving, deleting, and renaming of files and folders, as well as searching for a specified file or folder on local or networked storage media. (TN Reading 3) 



Standard 4.0  
Standard 5.0  
Standard 6.0