Eligibility Procedures

Eligibility Procedures For Head Coaches
  1. Head Coach or their designee(s) monitors student-athlete academic progress throughout the school year
  2. Head Coach submits eligibility roster to Lead Counselor at appropriate time 
  3. Lead Counselor confirms eligibility roster with Building AD 
  4. Building AD enters eligibility roster into TSSAA portal 
  5. Building AD submits TSSAA portal eligibility roster to Head Coach
  6. Head Coach confirms final roster, spelling and grade level accuracy to Building AD
*If a student-athlete is deemed an academic concern at any point during the school year, it is the responsibility of the head coach or their designee(s) to communicate with the guidance counselor regarding the steps to take for academic success. 
Learning Support sections have been created in PowerSchool for all head coaches - Fall and Winter.  Spring learning support sections coming soon.