TCAT CNA Syllabus

TCAT Certified Nursing Assistant Syllabus

Mrs. Rochelle Jackson RN, BSN Instructor

Mrs. Keisa Nevels LPN Co-Instructor

[email protected]

Welcome to the TCAT CNA program. The curriculum consists of classroom lectures and hands-on practice of skills, as well a supervised experience in acute and long-term healthcare facilities. Topics that are included as part of the required training include basic nursing skills, personal care skills, safety and emergency & infection control procedures, communication skills and patient & residents’ rights. The training ends with a competency evaluation. During the written portion of the competency evaluation, the student will have to answer 75 multiple choice questions. During the skills portion, the student will  perform 5 randomly chosen nursing skills. When the student passes the competency evaluation, he or she will be certified to work as a nursing assistant.


Students are expected to enter the classroom quietly, get their ID, take a seat and open computers. All food and beverages are to be removed from the desk. Bell Work, if applicable, is to be completed. Afterwards, there will be a lecture with student participation/guided notes. The class will end with Reflective Work. Document the Bell Work and Reflective Work in a folder or on a Word Doc. No playing in the classroom or the lab. No playing with equipment. To avoid accidents, the rolling chairs are to remain behind the desks.  Students are to remain seated until the bell rings. Put your ID in the basket prior to leaving.  Students may come to the classroom during their Learning Lab, Study Hall or lunch period for make up work. If a student has a problem or concern, please feel free to speak with me privately. 

Cell phones/ear buds:

Cell phones/ear buds are to be put away immediately upon entering the classroom. No cell phone use during class. First violation, the student will get a verbal warning. If the student continues to violate the cell phone rule, the parent will be contacted. Then, a disciplinary referral will be written and the Administrator notified.

Grading Policy:

Students can earn 800 points each nine weeks. Grades are weighted as follows:

*Tests                     400 pts - Tests are given at the end of each chapter.

                                              Powerpoints are in Schoology as a Study


*Quizzes                 200 pts - Quizzes are given several times during the

                                               nine weeks.

*Classwork             100 pts - includes points for wearing scrubs on


*Participation          100 pts- includes Bell Work, Reflection Work, Study

                                             Guide, reviews, etc.



The TCAT CNA program requires participation in classroom/group projects. Bell Work and Reflective Work will be checked upon request and graded. Each student is expected to participate equally on group projects. A rubric will be given for each project and graded accordingly. These assignments serve as knowledge -based learning tools to prepare students for tests and quizzes.


It is important to attend school regularly. However, in the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to check the board and the Schoology calendar for  missed assignments. Any assignments not completed & submitted by the due date will result in a “zero”. No late assignments will be excepted. If there is a problem with turning in the assignment, please send me an email or speak with me prior to the due date. If a group activity is missed due to your absence, I will provide an alternative assignment. If Bell Work and/or Reflective Work is missed due to an absence, the student will write the “Date - Absent” in his/her folder.

Medical Mondays:

Students are to report to class wearing scrubs. Students will not be allowed to leave prior to or after class to change into or out of their scrubs. A “zero” will be given for any student who are not wearing scrubs and he/she will sign the “Medical Monday” book. The student can wear  scrubs the next day to make up the five points.


Students are considered late if not in the room when the late bell rings. After 2 tardies, the parent will be notified. After the third tardy, a disciplinary referral will be completed.