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Welcome to Biology 1
In this class we will be studying the basics of biology and using the scientific method to investigate four major learning strands: how structure is related to function from cells to systems, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, inheritance and variation of traits, and evolution and natural selection.
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Outline for March 25- March 29

Monday- Begin chapter 6.1

Tuesday-  6.1 Class Interactive and Class Quiz on Pearson EasyBridge

                Begin Chapter 6.2

Wednesday- 6.2 Class Interactive and Class Quiz on Pearson Easy Bridge

                 Begin Chapter 6.3

Thursday- 6.3 Class Interactive and Class Quiz on Pearson Easy Bridge

                       Review for test

Friday- Chapter 6 test

Outline for Monday 2/25 to Friday 3/1

Monday, 2/25 Chapter 4 Water Cycle; Review for Test

Tuesday, 2/26  Chapter 18,19,20 Test 

Wednesday, 2/27  Chapter 4  Carbon and/or Nitrogen Cycle

                              Classwork due Water/Carbon/Nitrogen Cycle

Thursday, 2/28 Chapter 4.2 Food Chains and Food Webs

Friday, 3/1     Biome Project Due at Midnight Tonight = 50 pts     

Outline week of Feb. 18 to Feb. 22

Monday-2/18 Presidents' Day - No School
Tuesday-2/19  Chapter 19 -Review Cladograms and Create Cladogram Classwork
                 Homework due: Study Guide Chapter 18,19,20 
Wednesday-2/20 Chapter 19 Classification of Living Things 
Thursday - 2/21 Case 21 Benchmark Testing Day 1
Friday - 2/22.  Case 21 Benchmark Testing Day 2

Week of Jan 14 to Jan 18, 2019

Monday, 1/14 Chapter 13.2 DNA Replication
Pearson Interactivity of 13.2 due today, 3 pm
Hmwk: Steps of DNA Replication due tonight, 11:59 pm
Tuesday, 1/15
Explain Keynote creating digital model of DNA structure and replication, due Thursday 1/17
Go over Study Guide in class, students submit answers, due 11:59 pm
Wednesday, 1/16
Thursday, 1/17
Begin Chapter 14 RNA Protein Synthesis - Types of RNA
Friday, 1/18 To Be Determined

Outline week of 11/27 to 11/30/2018

Monday, 11/26/2018. Finish Case 21 Benchmark Testing

                                          Begin Chapter 11 Mitosis

Due Tonight: Cell Cycle Review



Tuesday, 11/27/2018. Finish Chapter 11 Mitosis

                                        Students make model of the 4 stages of Mitosis due Wednesday, 11/28 at midnight

                                        Students break into groups of 3 and cancer project is introduced.



Wednesday, 11/28/2018.  Group Cancer Project


Thursday, 11/29/2018. Group Cancer Project, due Thursday at 3:00 pm


Friday, 11/30  Review for Chapter 11 Test  on Monday, Dec. 3

Outline for week of Nov. 5 - Nov. 9, 2018

Monday, 11/5   Chapter 10.2, Cellular Respiration Electron Transport Chain


Tuesday, 11/6   Reviewed all 3 stages of cellular respiration.  Students worked on their keynote on cellular respiration.


Wednesday, 11/7  Fermentation - respiration without oxygen.


Thursday, 11/8 Review for Test


Friday, 11/9 Test on Cellular Respiration

Outline for week of 10/22/2018 to 10/26/2018

Monday, 10/22 – Day 2 of Light Reactions of Photosynthesis – Chapter 9
Due 8 am: Foundations of Biology homework – assigned 8/15/2018
Chloroplast Review Questions due today at midnight – classwork 10/17/2018
Tuesday, 10/23- Dark Reactions of Photosynthesis – Chapter 9
Light Reaction Review Questions due today by midnight-classwork10/23/2018
Wednesday, 10/24-  Escape Room Activity - PSAT day
Thursday: Review for test.         Review in morning at 6:15 am A507
Friday: Chapter 9 test

Outline for week of Oct. 15 - Oct. 19, 2018

Monday, 10/15. Begin Chapter 9 – Overview of Photosynthesis
Hmwk: Read Lesson 2 of Chapter 9 and begin the FOB pages 109-111
Download Foundations of Biology pages 106-116; due Monday Oct 22
Tuesday, 10/16. Redo of Chapter 8 Part 2 Test if less than 35/50
Take Chapter 8 Part 2 Test if absent on Friday, Oct 5th
Students work on late work
Other students work on FOB which is due on Monday, Oct 22
Wednesday, 10/17 Begin Light Reactions of Photosynthesis, section 9.3
Hmwk: Read Lesson 3 of Chapter 9 and fill out the FOB pages 112-116
LAST DAY TO SUBMIT LATE WORK – 3PM- work must be written in late work notebook
Thursday, 10/18 Finish Light Reactions/ Begin Dark Reactions, section 9.3

Outline for week of Oct. 1, 2018 - Oct. 5, 2018

Monday, Oct. 1. Active Transport


Tuesday, Oct. 2 Membrane Structure and Function


Wednesday, Oct. 4 Lab, Part 1, Diffusion Lab


Thursday, Oct. 5 Lab, Part 2,  Diffusion Lab


Friday, Oct. 6 – Test, Part 2, Chapter 8

Outline of Monday, Sept. 24- Friday, Sept.28

Monday, Sept. 24- Cells R Us Organelle Project – in class, group project

Tuesday, Sept. 25- Presentation of Cells R Us Organelle Project

Wednesday, Sept. 26- Organelle Test

Thursday, Sept. 27- Passive Transport– Chapter 8

Friday, Sept. 28- Active Transport – Chapter 8


***schedule subject to change so please check your student’s Schoology page

Monday, Sept. 17 to Friday, Sept. 22

Monday, 9/17  Periods 1,2,3 Organelles of the Cell Chapter 8.2; Periods 4,5,6 Retake of Chapter 2 Test

Tuesday, 9/18 Periods 1,2,3 Day Two Organelles of the Cell Chapter 8.2; Periods 4,5,6 Day 1

                                            Study Guide Due for Chapter 8; only Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

Wednesday, 9/19 Chapter 8 for Periods 4,5,6. 

                           Animal and Plant Cell Identifications Sheets Due

Thursday,9/20  Benchmark Testing

Friday, 9/21 Benchmark Testing

*** this schedule is subject to change, so please check Schoology for daily updates

Monday, 9/10 Test Not Taken due to Schoology down

                       4,5,6 period began Chapter 8.1 Cell Theory/ Prokaryote versus Eukaryote

Tuesday, 9/11

                      Paper Test for Periods 4,5,6

                     Hmwk: Students read Enzyme PowerPoint and Take Notes; Watch Enzyme Video

Wednesday, 9/12

                      Paper Test for Periods 1,2,3

Thursday, 9/13 Microscopy Lab

Friday, 9/14  Half Day; Parent/Teacher Conferences

Outline for Sept.10 to Sept. 14,2018

Monday: Test on Chapter 2
               Hmwk: Read the PowerPoint entitled Enzymes and take notes, and watch Amoeba Sisters video on Enzymes. Located under Chapter 8 in Schoology
Tuesday: Intro to Cells Chapter 8.1/Prokaryote and Eukaryote
               Hmwk: Read and Fill Out Study Guide on Material Covered
Wednesday: Organelles Involved in Protein Production
                    Hmwk: Read and Fill out Study Guide on Material Covered
Thursday: Microscopy Lab- A1027. Student/Parents signatures on the lab safety contract Is required.
Friday: Half-day First, Second, Third Periods
            Parent-Teacher Conferences

Outline for week of Sept.4 - Sept. 7

Monday, 9/3 - Labor Day No School
Tuesday, 9/4- What are Proteins? Chapter 2.2
Wednesday, 9/5, What are Nucleic Acids? Chapter 2.2
Thursday, 9/6, Review of 4 Macromolecules
Friday, 9/7, Test on Chapter 2

Outline of Monday August 27 - Friday August 31

Monday, 8/27. Introduction to Atoms, Chapter 2.1
                        Finished and submitted parts of the microscope
Tuesday, 8/28. Finished PowerPoint overview of chapter 2
                        Vocabulary for Chapter 2 assigned, due Friday 8/31
Wednesday, 8/29  Properties of water Lab
                              Individual labs (group results) due Thursday 8/30
Thursday, 8/30.  Introduce carbohydrates; begin poster for carbs due Tuesday
                           Read Chapter 2.2 for carbs
Friday, 8/30 Introduce lipids; begin poster for lipids due Tuesday

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