John White » Welcome to World History and Geography!!!

Welcome to World History and Geography!!!

In this class, students will study the rise of nation states in Europe, the French Revolution, along with economic and political roots of the modern world.  They will examine the origins and consequences of the Industrial Revolition, 19th century political reform in Western Europe, and imperialism in Africa, Asia, and South America.  They will explain the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including WWI & WWII, the Great Depression, Cold War, and the Russian and Chinese Revolutions.  Finally, the students will study the rise of nationalism and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic and religious conflict in many parts of the world.  Throughout the course, students will examine how political and physical boundaries have made a significant impact on history and the world we live in today!
I am a Collierville native and a graduate of CHS!  After high school, I played football at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama where I majored in History.  I spent the last 5 years coaching football at the college level (Springfield College, Princeton University, and Mississippi State University).  While working at Mississippi State as a graduate assistant football coach, I earned a Master of Arts in Teaching.  In addition to teaching, I will serve as an assistant coach with the Dragon football team.