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Dual Enrollment - University of Memphis

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program where college credit can be earned through the University of Memphis. Dual enrollment courses are taught by UofM-approved CHS teachers or UofM instructors, and college credit is awarded upon successful completion of the course. 
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Why Choose Dual Enrollment?
Save Money. Earn the same college credit for lower prices than traditional university tuition.
Prepare for College Expectations. Practice the writing, critical thinking, and time management skills necessary for college success.
Head Start on Degree Requirements. Start earning credits before you begin college to have more time to focus on your major and pursue electives.
Dual Enrollment (DE) Eligibility Requirements
  • Student must be admitted to the UofM by meeting an admissions index score of 100. This is obtained by multiplying the weighted GPA by 30 and adding the ACT score. (GPA x 30 + ACT score must = 100)
  • Student must have a minimum composite ACT score of 19. Juniors may use their Practice ACT score if they are only taking one course.
  • For DE English, the student must also have an ACT English sub-score of 18 or above. For DE Math, student must have an ACT Math sub-score of 18th or above.
Things to Know
There are fees associated with dual enrollment courses and students are required to purchase the college textbooks for the course(s). A state-sponsored Dual Enrollment Grant subsidizes some of the cost.
Students are required to apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) by the deadline. (See below for 
additional info).
Extra quality points are awarded to the GPA in dual enrollment classes.
Students will earn 3 hours of College credit in Engineering. They will earn 6 hours of college credit for DE English, US History, College Algebra, and Culinary Arts. They will earn 8 hours of credit for DE Biology, 4 hours for Calculus III, and 3 hours for Differential Equations.
Dual Enrollment Grant
To qualify for the Dual Enrollment Grant, student must be a resident of TN for at least one year prior to registration. Student must also be a US citizen or permanent resident. To remain eligible for the dual enrollment grant, the student must maintain a cumulative college GPA of 2.75 or higher. If it falls below 2.75, he/she will lose the dual enrollment grant for the duration of high school (i.e. for all future dual enrollment classes).
If a student is taking more than one dual enrollment class in a semester, the student must be HOPE Scholarship eligible. This means he/she must have a 21 ACT composite score OR a 3.0 GPA.
10 Dual Enrollment grants are available. Typically, one semester of a Dual Enrollment class uses 1 grant. Students may use the first 4 Dual Grants without a deduction from their HOPE Scholarship money. If a student chooses to take more than 4 semesters of dual enrollment classes (more than 2 year-long DE classes), the grant money will be awarded; however, the grant amount will be initially deducted from their HOPE Scholarship when they enter college (if they stay in-state and use HOPE).