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Dual Enrollment - TCAT

Students have the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment program where college credit can be earned through the Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Memphis. Dual enrollment courses are taught by TCAT-approved CHS teachers and post-secondary credit and Nationally Recognized Technical Certificates from a variety of industries are awarded upon successful completion of the course.
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Career Prep for Every Student
Career Prep Students are:
  • Are more likely to graduate
  • Are more likely to enroll in post-secondary education after high school
  • Have the opportunity to graduate with post-secondary credit and Nationally Recognized Technical Certificates from a variety of industries
  • Develop employability skills such as problem-solving, project completion, research, communication, time management, and critical thinking
Earn Professional Certificates
Examples include: a variety of certifications in Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), industry certifications from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), American Welding Society (AWS) Entry Welder qualification, among many other course-specific opportunities.
Grants are typically available to cover the costs of tuition, although some courses may have a materials fee or exam cost.
Courses Offerred
Architectural & Engineering Design
Learn to assist engineers & architects in design, drafting, blueprint reading, geometric construction techniques and more.
Automotive Maintenance
Prepare for entry-level employment as an automotive repair technician by learning to diagnose malfunctions and repair or replace defective parts.
Arts & Design
Students will learn the skills necessary to learn to see, think, and strategize like a graphic designer.
Hands-on training in the use of modern tools, materials, and prefabricated components in construction work.
Students will be provided with first-hand knowledge of the software, hardware, and operation of computers, network devices, wireless and other advanced technology used in industry today.
Prepares students for careers in a variety of healthcare settings by learning how to provide basic health care under the supervision of nursing staff.
Prepares students for employment in a pharmacy, home health care, or long-term facility. Learn basic prescription data entry, pharmacy math, and basic pharmacology.
Vet & Animal Science
Prepares students to work with animals in a veterinary hospital, diagnostic lab setting, or biomedical research facility. Learn animal anatomy and physiology, along with proper animal care and lab procedures.
Prepares students for careers in construction, production line assembly, and repair and maintenance by learning welding, blueprint reading, and cutting and fabrication of various metals