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Incoming Freshmen

Freshman Orientation Day

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


You will meet your FMP Leaders at Orientation Day! Lunch will be provided.

Students should bring two proofs of residency and a case/bag for their laptop.

See the link above for more information!


Want to know more about Wednesday's lunch? See the link above (Freshman Orientation Menu Package)! If you need further information on nutritional values or allergy/health concerns, review the packet and download Sodexo's app! You will find everything you need there and more!


Welcome Class of 2023! We are so excited to welcome your freshmen class to our brand new building!


At Collierville High, every freshman is assigned to an advisory class that meets Monday through Thursday for 20 minutes at the beginning of your lunch period. Your advisory class is supervised by a CHS teacher and specially selected upperclassmen who are involved at CHS and want to help you be as successful as possible in your four years here!


Freshman Mentor Program provides each freshman with:

  • A support group that consists of student and faculty advisors
  • An ongoing orientation to CHS that enables students to become familiar with its physical layout, policies, procedures, programs, traditions, and personnel
  • A comfortable environment that allows the students to relax during his or her demanding day
  • A weekly visit from school counselors in order to provide ongoing social and emotional support
  • A curriculum consisting of social-emotional learning and character development
  • Frequent monitoring of academic progress through individual discussions with a faculty advisor
  • A mechanism for increasing student awareness regarding academic and co-curricular opportunities
  • A whole lot of fun!


We can't wait to see you! Go Dragons!


Hallie Ross

FMP Director