Freshman Advising & Mentoring

Welcome to the FAMily, Class of 2024!

Freshman Advising & Mentoring (FAM) is a collaboration between the established Student Success course and Freshman Mentor Program. This course will include teacher led curriculum over topics such as school smarts, the importance of soft skills, college and career planning, and academic pathways available within CHS in hopes of aiding the transition from middle to high school. Each class will have assigned student mentors leading the Character Strong curriculum. Student mentors will also provide an ongoing orientation to CHS enabling freshman to become familiar with the campus, policies, procedures, programs, traditions, and staff while also increasing student awareness and involvement regarding academic, extra-curricular, and athletic activities. Visits from counselors will provide social and emotional support as well as additional academic guidance. Supervised study will serve as a study period with the teacher mentor for some, while student mentor tutoring will be provided for those who need additional assistance with specific core classes. 

FAM provides a balance of improving study habits, offering assistance in academic and career planning, access to student mentors, and practicing positive character building to enhance student success at CHS.

Megan Jackson, District Curriculum Supervisor (
Hallie Ross, FAM Mentor Director (
Meagan Spangler, FAM Curriculum Director (