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Welcome :D

Mrs. Whitmore-High

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Health Science & Student Success

Assistant Basketball Coach

HOSA Advisor 

Room: C130

Health Science 

Welcome to Health Science! I am very excited to have you in my class this year. I believe that students who enroll in Health Science are among the brightest and best and are truly at an advantage when it comes to the success of their future healthcare endeavors. My goal in this class is to be a guide into the world of health care. I look forward to having successful students. As a Respiratory Therapist, I have gained valuable clinical experience that I plan on integrating into the classroom. I look forward to an enriching and challenging year, and I hope that you are as excited as I am, and ready to learn.


It is my desire to see each student succeed in my classroom by providing an engaging, collaborative & calming learning environment. We will mirror a positive, professional, and productive healthcare environment by establishing effective teamwork strategies in the classroom. We will explore and build upon our personal strengths and align them to healthcare career options. We will build professionalism through respectful interactions and vigorous learning, ensuring lifelong success.

Student Success

This valuable course includes mentor and teacher-led curriculum. Mentors will provide an ongoing orientation to CHS while increasing student awareness and involvement regarding academic, extra-curricular, and athletic activities. Supervised study opportunities with mentors are provided for students who need assistance with specific core classes, as well as structured study time with a mentoring teacher.