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2019 Fall Semester Exams

CHS parents and families,

The end of the semester is almost here! Please see below for important information about fall semester exams. 

The exam schedule is attached to this email. 

About Exams

  • Cumulative semester exams are given in all classes except Advanced Placement and some Dual Enrollment courses. 
  • Fall exams count as 20% of the fall semester grade. 
  • Advanced Placement courses do not have a fall exam. 
  • Exams last 90 minutes, and students must stay in the classroom until the 90 minute exam period has ended. 

Exam Exemptions

  • Only seniors may be exempt from fall semester exams. 
  • Collierville Schools exam exemption policy states: A student having a ninety (90) or higher average for the two (2) terms in a specific course may be exempted from the semester exam, if the student desires. When a student is exempted from the exam, the semester average will be the average of the two (2) term grades. ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE OR MORE THAN FIVE (5) EXCUSED ABSENCES PER SEMESTER IN THE COURSE WILL DISQUALIFY THE STUDENT FROM ALL EXEMPTIONS. EXEMPTIONS APPLY ONLY TO TEACHER-MADE SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS. Religious holidays and excused post-secondary travel days will not count against the exemption status of the student. Twelfth (12th) grade students are eligible for exam exemption during both semesters. All other students in high school courses who meet the above requirements may be exempted for only the second semester exam.

Exam Day Check Outs

  • 9th through 11th graders are permitted to check out each day after their exam periods have ended if they turn in the attached signed form when they leave. 
  • Students cannot check out and then check back in on exam days. 
  • In order to minimize disruptions, the attendance office will not be able to call into classrooms to check out students during exams. Students must stay in class until the end of the exam period. 
  • 12th graders need to sign in and sign out in the cafeteria when they arrive and leave.

Make Up Exams

  • All students who are absent for an exam must make up the exam. 
  • Exam make ups will take place the first week we return after break. Students are responsible for scheduling the make up day and time for each missed exam with the teacher. 

Friday, December 20 is a half day of school. We will not be serving lunch on this day. Students will be dismissed at 10:45. 

Please contact your child's teacher, administrator, or counselor if you have any questions about exams. 

Go Dragons! 

Collierville High School

Click below to download the Semester Exam checkout slip.