8th Grade Virtual Career Fair » Welcome


Welcome to the 2020 8th Grade Virtual Career Fair!
Please view the welcome video below. Our middle school principals will introduce this event to you and highlight the partnerships between local industries and our Career and Technical Education Programs at Collierville High School. We hope you enjoy this virtual event!
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Below you will find the platform we will be using for our 8th Grade Virtual Career Fair. The presentation will be housed in PowerPoint, which contains links to videos of CTE teachers at Collierville High School and the industry partners with which they are aligned. Our teachers will discuss the classes they teach, the layout of their physical classrooms and what students can expect to learn and accomplish while enrolled in these courses. The industry partners will explain their roles and responsibilities with their organization and how their industry aligns with current CTE programs at Collierville High School.
Navigate the PowerPoint by using the arrows at the bottom of the presentation. To view the videos, click on the name of the teacher and the name of the industry partners. 
We are excited about the many different CTE programs offered through Collierville Schools and we hope that your student will take advantage of these opportunities next year and throughout their high school career.