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The mission of the Collierville High School English department is to ensure the post-secondary readiness and success of our students in the reading and writing regards. By closely reading and interacting with a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts, students build knowledge, gain insights, explore possibilities, and broaden perspectives. In addition, a focus on the narrative, argumentative, and explanatory writing modes allows students to learn and expand the skillsets needed to craft logical claims with sound reasoning and appropriate evidence, as well as practice and value the role of editing and revision within the writing process.
English I Standard English I Honors
English II Standard English II Honors
African-American Literature Journalism: Newspaper
Journalism: Yearbook Speech and Communications
English III Standard AP English III: English Language and Composition
English IV Standard: CLEP AP English IV: English Literature and Composition
English IV: Dual Enrollment Oral Communication: Dual Enrollment
Literary Heritage: Dual Enrollment ACT Prep
Etymology Honors  
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