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English as a Second Language Program
The Collierville High School ESL mission is to narrow the achievement gap between native English speakers and English Learners (ELs) and help families support their academic success and cultural integration.
Speech Pathology
A SLP is part of the Special Education Team and provides diagnostic and remediation services for those students displaying communicative disorders in the areas of speech (articulation, voice, and fluency) and language (receptive, expressive, and pragmatic).
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RTI²: A multi-tiered delivery system that uses a data-driven problem-solving model to identify specific student needs and match appropriate instructional strategies.
In Tennessee, the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) Framework is a component of TNCORE. The TNCORE implementation plan has three legs with student achievement at the center:
  • Assessment alignment and transparency
  • Instructional materials and curriculum
  • Quality training and meaningful support
Dragon Academy
Dragon Academy is an alternative environment for students who respond better to a non-traditional approach to education. Dragon Academy provides an environment where students can succeed in the completion of coursework in a more conducive space.
Study Hall
Students are able to have a study hall period in their schedule which allows them to work on assignments, projects and prepare for upcoming tests. Students also can visit the library and other teachers when given permission.