Collierville High School

Draco Playhouse won 6 awards at the Annual High School Musical Theatre Awards for their production of "Catch Me If You Can". . .Rachel Chestnut finished in the Top 10 and Lindsay Michaud earned honorable mention in the NY Times Editorial Essay Contest. . .First day of school is Monday, August 13th
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SGA Senators


Congratulations! The following students have been appointed to be members of the 2018-2019 Student Government Association. All members appointed will be contacted with more information on upcoming events early next week. We will announce the candidates for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class President elections on Monday, April 30, 2018.

SGA President

Jacobs, Josh (12)

SGA Vice President 

Haltom, Kelsey (12)



Bortz, Brian (10)

Boshaw, Tyler (10)

Cavanaugh, Julia (10)

Chaudhary, Maryam (10)

Cobb, Jadyn (10)

Corley, Ashleigh (10)

Dougherty, Jack (11)

Gillenwaters, Jasmine (10)

Hall, Caleb (9)

Hall, Carson (10)

Harris, Sage (12)

Jones, Charlie (9)

King, Llandon (12)

Loynachan, Hallie (11)

Maxwell, Ashley (12)

McLarnon, Kari (9)

McMillen, Brenly (9) 

 McMinn, Ryan (11)

Perrett, Channing (11)

Petrie, Robert (10)

Reeves, Sarah (9)

Rodgers, Haley (12)

Sharp, Nia-Grace (10)

Sims, Chris (9)

Steinbach, Stephen (12)

Stewart, Harrison (11)

Suhoza, Camden (11)

Suhoza, Ellison (9)

Suhoza, Emerson (9)

Taylor, Leroy (12)

Weron, Sydney (10)

Wilhelm, Hunter (11)

Williams, Caroline (10)

Wyrick, Caleb (10)