School Support Organizations

In collaboration with our attorney Mike Marshall of Evans Petree PC, the following information was prepared to assist organizations in Collierville in registering with the State of Tennessee to become School Support Organizations (SSO’s).

All organizations that support schools in Tennessee must be in compliance with TCA 49-2-206 (4)(A) which became effective July 1, 2008. As such, they are required to register as nonprofits with the State of Tennessee and are subject to audits by the Collierville Board of Education and the State Comptroller. SSO’s must be approved to operate by the Principal of the school they are affiliated with and/or the Superintendent of Collierville Schools. Each SSO must provide documentation to the Central Office of the district showing they are a registered nonprofit in good standing, have documented goals and objectives and have provided the names and contact information of their officers.

The law does not require a School Support Organization to become a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. For certain organizations the benefits of becoming a 501 (c)(3) organization entity is important to enable donors to receive credit for tax deductible donations and also for sales tax exemption. 
Below are the Collierville High School recognized support organizations for 2018-2019.  In addition to the annual checklist, each will submit the following to the school administrator:
  • Bank Statements (Monthly)
  • Budgets
  • Bylaws (Must have 2018-2019 listed)
  • Charter Documentation
  • SSO Annual Report
  • Coaches/Sponsors Stipend Report
Fall Sports Due Date - August 15
Winter Sports Due Date - October 15
Spring Sports Due Date - December 15
Sport/Activity SSO Season Coach/Sponsor
Band Band Booster Club a-Fall Barnes, James
Cheerleading Cheer Booster Club a-Fall Krotzer, Kristy
Choir Choir Booster Club a-Fall Taylor, Emily
Cross Country - Boys Cross Country/Track  Booster Club a-Fall Doll, Matt
Cross Country - Girls Cross Country/Track  Booster Club a-Fall Doll, Matt
Football Kickoff Club a-Fall O'Neill, Mike
Golf Golf Booster Club a-Fall Kent, Mike
Mountain Biking N/A a-Fall Hensarling, Drew
Orchestra CHS Orchestra Booster a-Fall Fuller, Sherry
Pom Pom Booster Blub a-Fall Moore, Terrance
Soccer - Girls Girls Soccer Booster Club a-Fall Mears, Ken
Speech and Debate CCATD a-Fall Robbins, Jeff
STEM STEM Booster Club a-Fall Shoemake, Erik
Theater Theater Department Boosters a-Fall Salters, Keith
Volleyball Volleyball Booster Club a-Fall Vicknair, Lindsey
FFA FFA Alumni Club a-Fall Sawyers, Jordan
Basketball - Boys Collierville Rebounders Booster Club b-Winter Mooneyham, Jonathan
Basketball - Girls Collierville Lady Rebounders Booster Club b-Winter Hall, Anthony
Bowling N/A b-Winter Ludwig, Richard
D2 Cheer N/A b-Winter Parker, Cristi
Swimming Swimming Booster Club b-Winter Ingram, Justin
Trap Skeet Shooting Club b-Winter Pszonak, Will
Wrestling Wrestling Booster Club b-Winter Loeffler, Brian
Baseball Baseball Booster Club c-Spring Munier, Jeff
Lacrosse - Boys Lacrosse Booster Club c-Spring Nelson, Steven
Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Booster Club c-Spring Cox, Michelle
Soccer - Boys Boys Soccer Booster Club c-Spring Hensarling, Drew
Softball Softball Booster Club c-Spring Bradley, Mike
Tennis - Boys Tennis Booster Club c-Spring Mitchell, Clay
Tennis - Girls Tennis Booster Club c-Spring Mitchell, Clay
Track and Field - Boys Cross Country/Track  Booster Club c-Spring Beupre, Myles
Track and Field - Girls Cross Country/Track  Booster Club c-Spring Beupre, Myles