Technical School/Junior College Scholarship

$2,500 scholarships will be awarded.

This support scholarship is intended for a student that has applied to a Tennessee state technical school or Junior College and has been accepted. The Alumni Association recognizes the importance of trades as an important part of our communities. The scholarship can be applied to books or required tools to be used for school.



  1. ACT/SAT score
  2. Grade point average
  3. Copy of Transcript
  4. College Acceptance letter
  5. Resume of activities and leadership roles, community service and work experience.
  6. Parents'/Guardians' name(s) and occupation(s)
  7. Student Aid Report provided after submitting your FAFSA
  8. List all scholarships you have applied and received
  9. Cover Letter with your plans after graduation
All Alumni scholarship applications should be submitted to Mrs. J. Sisson in the School Counseling Office.
The Technical School Scholarship is available for download/print below: