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Graduation Requirements & Course Selection Sheets

The Tennessee Department of Education has raised standards and aligned graduation requirements to best prepare students for college and the workforce.  Following the implementation of the Tennessee Diploma Project in 2009, high school students must complete 22 credits to graduate. They also will be tested in core subject areas with End of Course exams, part of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, or TCAP. Their performance on these exams will factor into their semester grade for the course.
To receive a regular high school diploma, all students enrolled in a Tennessee public school during their eleventh (11th) grade year must take either the ACT or SAT.

Total Required Credits: 22

Math: 4 credits
Including Algebra I, II, Geometry and a fourth higher level math course.  Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each school year.
English: 4 credits
Science: 3 credits
Including Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third lab course.
Social Studies: 3 credits
Physical Education and Wellness: 1.5 credits
Wellness = 1 credit in the 9th grade
P. E. = .5 credit which may be met by substituting an equivalent time of physical activity in other areas including but not limited to cheer, band, football, wrestling, etc.
Personal Finance: 0.5 credits
Foreign Language: 2 credits
May be waived for students not going to a University to expand and enhance the elective focus.
Fine Arts: 1 credit
May be waived for students not going to a University to expand and enhance the elective focus.
Elective Focus: 3 credits
Consisting of Math and Science, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, Advanced Placement (AP) or Liberal Arts.