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ArtIII&AP Weekly Sketchbooks

Being an artist is like being a musician or an athlete.....YOU MUST practice on a regular basis...sometimes...daily.

In addition to classroom assignments, Students in Art III and AP will be required to keep a sketch book and turn them in on a weekly basis. Each week a different assignment/theme/topic will be given. It will be up to the student to determine style, media and subject matter for each assignment unless specified.

Students often say " When do I get to draw what I want too?" Well now is the chance to do so. You will have one week to complete the assignment.

Sketchbooks are to be treated as individual pieces of artwork. Things to consider for each assignment: Use DIRECT OBSERVATION for references. Composition use entire page, Elements of Art, Principles of Design and Relating to theme/topic.

Quarter Sketchbook Assignments

ART III always due on WEDNESDAYS

AP ART always due on THURSDAYS


SB 15- 1/10 & 11- Artist Choice 


SB 16- 1/17 & 18 - Dinner Time


SB 17- 1/24 & 25 - I Need Sleep


SB 18- 1/30 & 2/1 – Kitchen or Bathroom (view of 3/4 of the room)


SB 19- 2/7 & 8 – Make Ordinary Object Interesting


SB 20- 2/14 & 15 -  Color Scheme:Color Study (subject & scheme of your choice: Complement, Split complement or Triadic)


SB 21- 2/21 & 22 - Memphis; Sights & Sounds (Memphis Airport)


SB 22- 2/28 & 3/1 - The Ville (Collierville Fair on the Square)