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Gallery Visitation Art III&AP



                             Gallery Visitation Due Dates 2017-2018

                    GV1: Friday, October 20st (first Friday after fall break)

                    GV2: Friday, March 24th  (first Friday after spring break)


It is my belief that a student who elects to take an art course beyond Art I is truly interested in the visual arts and is committed to learning all that he/she can during the year. To that end, I sincerely believe that first hand understanding of art works can only be done by direct observation at a museum or gallery. Therefore, as an assignment, and for a project grade, I require that each student visit an art museum/gallery each semester.  I suggest that the students car pool or encourage parents to make it a family outing.

There are a number of excellent museums and galleries in town. For a list of galleries and information on current shows, see the Playbook section of the Friday Commercial Appeal. Please remember that this is a fine arts course, and while the various science and history museums are excellent educational exhibits, they are not arts museums and will not satisfy this class requirement. Frame and poster shops may Not be reviewed for credit either.

Many museums are closed on Mondays, I suggest calling concerning times, dates and exhibits prior to attending.

If you have any questions or concerns about this assignment, please call me at Collierville High School 853-3310.