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Art I Curriculum & Sketchbook

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Art I – Burford’s Curriculum



* First day drawings. Pre-instruction evaluation

* Identifying Lines: Right brain drawing (upside/down)

* Line qualities (light, dark, thick & thin)- practice w/media

* Spatial Line Designs

* Depth and space with Line: OP ART

* Contour Lines

* Calligraphy Line- ink and brush

Shape and Form & Principles of Design

* Geometric & Organic Shapes     

* Positive & Negative Shapes

* Organic & Angular Shapes

* Principles of Design- Balance drawings Matisse Style 

* Free handing circles/ellipse

* Drawing forms

       *spheres, cylinders, cones, pyramid,and cubes 

 * Drawing through technique

 * Still life of forms drawings


* Value Scales & Gradation scales in 4 shading techniques



            *Cross Hatching 


* Shading forms worksheets

* Value recognition

* Hatching, crosshatch & Stipple Projects

* Blending project

*Value with Conte’ or Chalk

* Ink wash if time permits


*Learning the Colors: Primary, Secondary & Intermediate

            * Color wheel - mixing tempera

*Color Schemes


            *Split Complement



            * Warm and cool colors

*Watercolor -techniques

* Saturation of complements

* Monochromatic


*3 Dimensional Space

* Clay techniques





* Positive & Negative Space

* Liner perspective

            *One point 

            *Two point 

* 5 ways to create illusion of Space & Aerial perspective

*3 Dimensional Space (studied during Pottery/Clay)        


* Actual texture

            *Texture rubbings

* Implied texture

            *Reproduce texture drawings from rubbings

            *Reproduce from magazine samples

            *Drawings with texture

If time permits:

* Mosaic Collage - torn paper 

* Color for sake of Color Chalk pastel fruits