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Art III Curriculum

Art III students will create artworks that demonstrate increasing ability to apply knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design in the research, production, and criticism of visual art. Students are expected to use a broad variety of media, techniques, processes, and tools to create original, complex compositions that are more expressive, to demonstrate internalization of art foundations, and to solve more complex art problems throughout the creative process.


Students will critique artwork to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of art upon society as well as societal influences on art


Semester 1


Quarter 1: Composition, Elements Review and Media Exploration


*Assessment Project (assess previous knowledge of Elements and Principles)

*Art Critique/Gallery Visitation

*Composition: Rules of 3, Creating Illusion of Depth.

*Value Study

*Line quality/Mark Making w Ink & brush/Ink & Stick

*Ink Wash


Quarter 2: Printmaking

*Trace Prints

*Monoprint (Desk) (+embellishment)

*Monoprint (Plexiglass)

*Dark Field Reduction

*Lino Print

*Hand Watercolored Lino Print

Semester 2


Quarter 3:Painting and Color Theory


*Acrylic (Mat board & brush)

*Oil Stick



Quarter 4:




*Expressive Self Portrait (personality/emotion)

*Chalk Pastel