AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition
March and April
1. The Sound and the Fury and Beloved
2. Prose-passage analysis
3. Kaplan terms
4. Review for AP exam
January and February
1. Dystopian novel unit
2. The Plague and The Sound and the Fury
3. Kaplan terms
4. Poetry readings, discussions, and timed writes
1. Sonnets
2. Poetry analysis
3. Syntax analysis
4. Multiple-choice practice
5. Dystopian novels
1. Hamlet
2. Short fiction reading, discussion, blogs
3. Kaplan terms study and Quiz 1
4. MWDSs and Hamlet TWs
5. Intro to poetry, sonnets
6. Choosing a winter-break novel (Brave New WorldThe Handmaid's Tale1984)
1. Crime and Punishment review and timed writes
2. Hamlet
3. Intro to Poetry
4. Short story study and blogs
1. Frankenstein timed writes
2. Crime and Punishment
3. Short story unit: O'Connor, Welty, Poe, Hawthorne, Updike
4. The Granny Project
Crime and Punishment reading schedule: Part One due Wednesday, 9/13. Part Two: Chapters I-II due Thurs., 9/14. Chapters III-VI due Mon., 9/18.  Chapter VII due Tues., 9/19.
Part Three: Chs. I-II due Wed., 9/20.  Chs. III-IV due Thurs., 9/21.  Chs. V-VI due Fri., 9/22.  
Part Four: Chs. I-II due Mon., 9/25.  Chs. III-IV due Tues., 9/26.
1. Review summer work
2. College essay
3. Sweet Dreams literary analysis projects
4. Frankenstein review
5. Major works literary writing workshop
6. Major works data sheets
7. Frankenstein timed-write preparation