Week of Aug. 7-11
Monday - Ice Breaker activity
Tuesday - Pass out syllabus that must be signed and returned by Aug 10th. Introduce Malleable Intelligence article  "Believing You Can Get Smarter Makes You Smarter" and annotate for central idea.
Wednesday - Pass out book orders: take the "What's Your Learning Style" 20 questions quiz and read examples of tips for each type of learner.
Thursday - go through MI ppt.; think of your favorite movie and write down its central idea and three supporting details.  Then do the same for the nonfiction MI article.
Friday - Write a paragraph choosing whether you agree or disagree with the article. You must have a topic sentence, claim, 3/4 supporting details, and a clincher sentence.
Week of August 14-18
Monday - Begin taking fiction notes over the "Elements of Fiction" and "POV." 
Tuesday - Review "POV" and take notes over "Tone and Mood"; quiz Friday
Wednesday - Introduce utopia/dystopia; Listen to "There Will Come Soft Rains" annotating for words you don't know (circle), events you feel are important (underline), items you think reflect what the theme is (highlight), and identify examples of imagery (touch, taste, sight, sound, smell - star and lable the sense)
Thursday - continue discussion of "There Will Come Soft Rains"; complete "Literary Elements" handout for the story
Friday - Fiction quiz; continue discussion of TWCSR and Sara Teasdale's poem with the same title
Week of August 21-25
Monday - read and discuss Sara Tisdale's poem "There Will Come Soft Rains"
Tuesday -  class discuss of "TWCSR" making sure to go over all literary terms used like setting, conflict, irony, personification, and inference.  Pose the question "Can progress be made without conflict?"  
Wednesday - write theme statements for TWCSR 
Thursday  - begin listening to "BTWOB," annotate for the literary elements: point of view, tone, conflict(s), climax, and the resolution) marking each within the text, circle unfamiliar words
Friday - continue discussion of "BTWOB" adding three new literary terms: symbols, allusion, and context clues; begin listening to "By the Waters of Babylon"
Week of August 28-Sept. 1
Monday - pass out the "Writing Thematic Statements or What IS a Theme Anyway?" and "Good Paragraph Development: As Easy as P.I.E." handouts and have the students use the prompt "Using the theme formula, write one them for BTWOB.  Explain how that theme is developed throughout the short story.  Make sure to follow the P.I.E. formula to write your paragraph.  Include two pieces of evidence (I - information) from the text as support." 
Tuesday - divide class into groups and chunk BTWOB looking for setting, mystery/suspense, dreams/signs, symbolism, allusion, and what the significance of knowledge is in the society
Wednesday - finish discussion of BTWOB
Wednesday - finish group discussions on BTWOB; discuss allusions in the text
Thursday - pass out and read aloud "A Bully's Future, From Hard Life to Hard Time,"; students will track 2/3 subjects throughout the text
Friday - group discussion of subjects; once finished, choose three subjects and complete the graphic organizer
Week of Sept. 5-8
Tuesday - Introduction to Lord of the Flies. Student groups compete to complete a task of survival
Wednesday - check for LOTF books, pass out LOTF study guide for ch. 1-3, watch power points and take notes on integrating/blending quotes and formulaic examples (both ppts. are attached files)
Thursday - Routine write #1 over "A Bully's Future..."
Friday - complete routine write #1
Week of Sept. 11-15
Monday - Introduce the author and main characters in LOTF along with the time frame and setting of the story
Tuesday - take the first LOTF quiz over chapters 1-3
Wednesday - read bully article #2 "The Playground Gets Even Tougher" by Pamela Paul; discuss subjects
Thursday - discuss how to complete the graphic organizer for bully article #2
Week of Sept. 18-22
Monday - check "Playground" graphic organizer; have students evaluate their evidence by prioritizing quotes 1-3, most important to least important; study/read LOFT; quiz tomorrow over ch. 4-6
Tuesday - LOTF ch. 4-6 quiz
Wednesday - Read "Mean Girls at the Retirement Home" article aloud; begin graphic organizer
Thursday - writing workshop: evaluating quote
Friday - continue writing workshop: quote analysis
Week of Sept. 25-29
Monday - quiz corrections; new guided reading questions for tomorrow's quiz over LOTF ch. 7-9
Tuesday - LOTF quiz over ch. 7-9; writing workshop: quote analysis
Wednesday - group work on formulaic paragraph
Thursday - continue with group work
Friday - complete the formulaic paragraph and turn it in
Week of Oct. 2-6
Monday - pass out Lord of the Flies graphic organizer
Tuesday - ACT testing in my classroom so were are relocated to the auditorium (read/study for quiz if possible)
Wednesday - LOTF ch. 10-12 quiz
Thursday - Lord of the Flies discussion of subjects, themes, and symbols
Friday - Lord of the Flies discussion continued; finish LOTF graphic organizer if time permits (LOTF writing will be Monday and Tuesday after we return from fall break)
Week of Oct. 16-20
Monday - Pass out "A Guide to Writing the Literary Analysis Essay" and read over important parts with the students; read a sample introductory paragraph to a theme essay for LOTF; work on quotes and/or the introduction to their essay
Tuesday - begin writing using the prompt "Using one theme from LOTF and write an expository essay providing evidence for the development of the theme."
Wednesday - continue typing essay
Thursday - finish and turn in essay
Friday - pass out and read Clinton's speech "Remarks to the Convocation.."
 Week of Oct. 23-27
Monday - finish "Persuasion" notes; read and discuss MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech answering questions
Tuesday  - continue the discussion of MLK's "Dream" speech ; using context clues; identify the structure of the speech (mini lesson on structure) applying it to the speech; identify the parts of the speech and the main ideas found in each section 
Wednesday - continue working on structure if necessary in the MLK speech; What is the central idea of the speech? Begin discussing what methods he uses to support his argument.
Thursday - continue with MLK speech; continue with methods King uses
Friday - mini-lesson on topic sentence; discussion of the use of parallelism and pathos in the speech
Week of Oct. 30-Nov. 3
Monday - quick write: In more than one paragraph, explain how King communicates his central idea
Tuesday - review quick write exemplars and rewrites completed
Wednesday - read Bill Clinton's "from Remarks to the Convocation of the Church of God in Christ" speech; What are the subjects addressed? Where are the beginning, middle, and ending sections? What are the main ideas? What is the central idea of the speech?
Thursday - speech discussion continued; What methods does Clinton use to support his argument? find evidence
Friday - review writing prompt; work on graphic organizers
Week of Nov. 6-10
Monday - identify commonalities in the similarities/differences graphic organizer; student introductory paragraph exemplars; show compare/contrast thesis statements; pass out graphic organizer and begin writing group introduction with group
Tuesday - work on introductions and graphic organizers; introductions due today
Wednesday - look over student exemplars of introductions; finish graphic organizer or begin writing compare/contrast essay
Thursday  - continue with essay
Friday - final essay due today
Week of Nov. 13-17
Monday - introduction to Julius Caesar; define literary terms for a play and complete the anticipation guide
Tuesday - Discuss Act I
Wednesday - review and finish discussion of Act I; discuss characterization; complete STEAL chart for one character in Act 1 (due tomorrow); which character seems most complex?
Thursday  - close read of Cassius speech to Brutus (I,ii)
Friday - continue close read of Cassius's speech
Week of Nov. 20-21
Monday  - Act I quiz
Tuesday - Begin Act II
Week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
Monday - review Act II.i and listen to and discuss Act II. ii, iii, iv
Tuesday - close read of Brutus's soliloquy (II.i) for imagery and metaphor
Wednesday - Act II quote quiz
Thursday - begin Act III.i
Friday - finish Act III.ii.iii discussion
Week of Dec. 4-8
Monday - handouts packets on both Brutus's and Antony's speech; look for rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos) and rhetorical techniques (understatement, hyperbole, metaphor, etc.) used in each.  
Tuesday -  JC quick write on the funeral speeches "What claims do Brutus and Antony make? What methods do Brutus and Antony use to make their claims?" 
Wednesday -  look at the difference between informational and argumentative writing handout; mini-lesson on finding evidence and evaluating evidence; write introduction for homework; writing prompt- "In William Shakespeare's famed tragedy Julius Caesar, the title character says, "Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true."  What is the meaning of this quote?  To what extent do you believe this statement to be true?  Use evidence from the text to support your argument.
Thursday - compare introductions in groups, choose 1; begin writing body paragraphs (claim, claim, counterclaim/rebuttal); finish for homework
Friday - write conclusion
Week of Dec. 11-15
Monday - work on essay
Tuesday - essay continued
Wednesday - flex day (essay continued if necessary; begin JC Act IV if ready
Thursday - read and discuss Act IV of JC 
Friday - read and discuss Act V of JC
Week of Dec. 18-(20 is a 1/2 day)
Semester Exam Schedule
Monday - first period exam (7:00 - 8:30); second period (8:35 - 10:05)
Tuesday - third period exam (7:00 - 8:30); fourth period (8:35 - 10:05); fifth period (12:30 - 2:00)
Wednesday - sixth period (7:00 - 8:30); seventh period (8:40 - 10:15)
Week of Jan. 4-5
Thursday - review/discuss argumentation; watch ppt and read an example of a persuasion and argument both written about "Animal Testing"
Friday - read, annotate, and discuss the article "The Genius of Jobs"
Week of Jan, 8-12
Monday - read and annotate "Tim Cook's Speech at Steve Jobs Memorial" and "The Steve Jobs Way"
Tuesday - discuss both articles and watch some apple advertisements
Wednesday - complete graphic organizer for all three speeches
Thursday - SLOB introduction
Friday - SNOW DAY!
Week of Jan. 15-19
Monday - MLK holiday 
Tuesday - (SNOW DAY!)
Wednesday - (SNOW DAY)
Thursday - (SNOW DAY)
Friday - SLOB quiz over ch. 1-3
Week of Jan. 22-26
Monday - group work over speeches; receive writing prompts
Tuesday - group introductions
Wednesday - Steve Jobs essay 
Thursday - SLOB ch. 4-6 quiz / O Net survey
Friday - Steve Jobs essay due on Schoology (11:59 due date time)
Week of Jan. 29-Feb. 1
Monday - TNReady Session 1 practice
Tuesday - TNReady Season 2 practice
Wednesday - SLOB discussion
Thursday - SLOB ch. 7-9 quiz
Friday - SLOB discussion
Week of Feb. 5-9
Monday - read and annotate "Death and Justice" by Koch; annotations: highlight the claim, put brackets around the counterclaim, put parenthesis around supporting evidence, put either a "C" or a "CC" in the margin next tot he evidence, underline the rebuttal, circle argument transitions
Tuesday - read and annotate "The Death Penalty" by Brick; annotate same as Monday
Wednesday - discuss SLOB
Thursday - SLOB ch. 10-12 quiz
Friday - Death penalty graphic organizers
Week of March 19-23
Monday - study how to read a prompt for the TNReady test; look over last year's tenth grade anchor test and practice reading with a purpose (read prompt first, then essay).
Tuesday - Practice ACT test for all tenth graders; work on graphic organizer for narrative
Wednesday - narrative essay; prompt: Write a narrative from the point of view of another major character in SLOB, besides Lily, discussing how they may have coped had they been in Lily's shoes.  Develop your narrative using effective techniques, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences, and be sure to include references to the passages in your response.  Must include dialogue.
Thursday - narrative essay
Friday - narrative essay due today (clubs, fire drill, and homeroom)