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Mrs. Sherry Fuller » All-West Clinic 2018

All-West Clinic 2018



Who: Only those chosen from the WTSBOA auditions on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

An audition time will be assigned to each student.

Please arrive a minimum of thirty minutes before your time and check in.

Clinic Dates: Strings  - February 8-9, 2018


Concerts: Friday, February 9, 2018

 6:30pm – 6:55pm – Red Jazz Band

 7:05pm – 7:30pm – Blue Jazz Band

 7:40pm – 8:05pm – Middle School String Orchestra

 8:15pm – 8:40pm – 9-10 Honor String Orchestra

 8:50pm – 9:15pm – 11-12 Symphony Orchestra


Location: Canon Center for the Performing Arts

Price:  $125 = Registration, Hotel, & 5 Meals 

Other: Transportation to and from the Convention Center must be provided by parent/student. Students will stay on location at the Sheraton.  All arrangements will be taken care of by the CHS All-West Committee.

What ? All-West Orchestra is comprised of the most talented young musicians in West Tennessee. The All-West event includes a two-day clinic where students will practice with a recognized conductor and a performance at the Cannon Center. Participating students receive invaluable musical instruction as well as enjoy a two-day field trip from school to play music with amazing students from the West Tennessee area.

Who ? It is an honor to be chosen for the All-West orchestra, thus if chosen, the student will be expected to perform with the group. 

Audition Requirements 

Aspiring performers will need to audition on two pre-selected songs, a series of scales, and a sight reading selection. Students are given the music in August, if they still need music, they will need to request it from me. Points are awarded for Tone, Pitch, Rhythm, Technical Accuracy, and Musicality. The prepared song is worth half of the total points. The minimum score to advance is based upon the overall skill level of all participants. 

Audition Scale Requirements

Students should have their scales memorized. Two-octave scales are required, three-octave scales are preferred. Scales should be played in strict quarter notes with the quarter note at 120bpm on a metronome. 

Violins – all major scales plus g melodic minor scale

Violas– all major scales plus c melodic minor scale

Cellos– all major scales plus c melodic minor scale

Basses –– all major scales plus e melodic minor scale


Sight Reading Requirements 

Students will be required to perform a short sight reading excerpt. Sight-reading counts heavily toward the final score and should be practiced regularly. They will have amount of time to look through the piece before they perform. Points are awarded for Sight-Reading Rhythm, Sight-Reading Technical Accuracy, and Sight-Reading Musicality.