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Chemistry Syllabus


First nine weeks

Chemistry what is it?

Classification of matter

Changes in matter physical vs chemical

Evolution of atomic theory

Structure of an atom

Determining the atomic number, mass number and atomic mass

Electron configuration

Organization of the periodic table

Periodic trends


Second nine weeks

Covalent vs ionic bonding

Drawing Lewis structures

Molecular geometry

Polar vs non polar molecules

Naming compounds

Writing chemical formulas

Writing chemical equations

Balancing chemical equations

Five common reaction types


Third nine weeks

Determining the molar mass

Mol conversions

Calculate empirical and molecular formulas

Calculate percent composition

Make stoichiometric calculations

Calculate limiting reactants

Calculate percent yield

Kinetic theory

States of matter

Changes of state


Fourth nine weeks

Gas and pressure

Gas Laws

Ideal gas law

Diffusion and effusion


Determine concentrations of solutions

Colligative properties of solutions

Properties of acid and bases

Acid base reactions

Determining the pH and pOH