Collierville High School

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Art 1

Sketchbook Pages...look to the right --->

Art I –  Curriculum

Semester 1


* First day drawings. Pre-instruction evaluation

* Identifying Lines: Right brain drawing (upside/down)

* Line qualities (light, dark, thick & thin)- practice w/media

*Spatial Line Designs

* Depth and space with Line: OP ART

* Contour Lines

*Contour practices

*Contour project

* Calligraphy Line- ink and brush

*Practice lines with Japanese symbols

*Calligraphy project – Plants and flowers with watercolor

Shape and Form & Principles of Design

* Geometric & Organic Shapes

*Shape drawings

* Positive & Negative Shapes: Repeated image design

* Breakdown of objects into shapes

*Still life organic/angular

* Principles of Design- Balance drawings Matisse Style

* Free handing circles/ellipse

* Drawing forms

*Exercises- cylinders, cones, cubes and sheres

*Drawing through techniques

*One point & 2 point perspective

*Still life of forms drawings


* Value Scales & Gradation scales in 4 shading techniques

*Blending in Pencil

*Hatching in Pencil & Ink

*Cross Hatching in Pencil & Ink

*Stipple in Ink

* Shading forms worksheets

* Value recognition

*b/w photo I.D. 7 values

*See the values & reproduce

* Blending project: Cubism still life

* Hatching, crosshatch & Stipple Projects

Ink & nib - pine branch line

Ink & nib of still life Berry branch

*Value with Conte’ or Chalk

* Ink wash if time permits


*Learning the Colors: Primary, Secondary & Intermediate

* Color wheel - mixing tempera

*Color Schemes


*Split Complement



* Warm and cool colors

*Watercolor -techniques

* Saturation of complements

*Falling leaves

* Monochromatic

Value landscape/cityscape Acrylic

1st Semester Exam (Elements of Art, Principles of Design, Art Terms, Line, Shape, Form, Color)


*3 Dimensional Space

* Clay techniques





* Positive & Negative Space

* Liner perspective

*One point boxes - clear/open/checkerboard/stacked

*One point interior room or hallway

*Two point boxes

* 5 ways to create illusion of Space & Aerial perspective

Watercolor landscape - tape resist trees

*3 Dimensional Space (studied during Pottery/Clay)


* Actual texture

*Texture rubbings

* Implied texture

*Reproduce texture drawings from rubbings

*Reproduce from magazine samples

*Drawings with texture

If time permits:

* Mosaic Collage - torn paper

* Color for sake of Color Chalk pastel fruits

2nd Semester Exam (Color, Clay/Pottery, Space & Texture)

week one at CHS. With the air off in my room I moved to the library during class time. Monday we had a short period , I used this time to introduce myself and go over the information on art supplies. 2 pages from the home page. Homework was to draw what they did over the summer and color or shade for up to 10 pts bonus. Due Tomorrow 
Tuesday we turned in homework, art fee and box money and started in a set up drawing.
Wednesday turned I late homework drawings, art fee and box money- 5th period also got lockers for $5.  Continued working and sketch but added color pencils and markers to see how students could handle them in a composition.
Thursday- took up money need it by Friday- critiqued the drawing and went over 411 on the procedures for the class handouts on the home page.  Home work go to home page and copy the art elements will be quiz on Monday.
Friday- took up money had student fill out information card on index card.  Took up and went to library. Handed out visual art terms from home page and students copied on to notebook paper  handed out duplicating paper to each table had students put name on paper and one person kept the page.  More to come Monday.  Quiz over home work from 8-10 on home page
Second week of school. All except 5th
monday- homework collected, finish visual art terms narrative- quiz on art elements- homework design a cover for their portfolio make sure name is in design. Examples were shown
read the narrative- line quality activity line videos and movie- set up line project.
short video on line
divide format with lines then give the lines quality
designs for line sections
Thursday- line project
Friday. Line project
5th period 
Tuesday - Thursday. Worked on portfolios 
Friday. Into movies to line did line activity 
monday eclipse day. All art 1 class worked on projects
tuesday- op art intro and power point on artist. Began op art line demonstration.
5th period. Intro to line and line project
wednesday finished line op demo and introduced project asked students to complete brainstorming of project 
5th line project 
Thursday project paper given and students asked to draw op art line composition that focuses on movement
5h - op art intro and power point on artist. Began op art line demonstration.
friday work on project