Monday 11-5

  • 2nd and 3rd weekly is due today- open sketchbook to drawing and put date on back of paper- then put on corner of desk upside down- so I can take photo
  • Get art box, paper towel, project
  • Gently continue layering watercolors- make sure you have gradual washes, 2 color washes, intensity washes
  • I will demonstrate white paper lift out and drybrush details today
5th period
  • Get art box, sketchbook and bottle project
  • Get paper from front- get out pencil-
  • Check composition and background
  • Color pencil demonstration and intro.
  • Make sure you have color pencils – sharpener and new page in sketchbook.
watercolor review
  • Open sketch book to watercolor page
  • Your project will have to demonstrate the following techniques
  • Washes – flat and gradual
  • Intensity change/ bold and light color usage
  • Color change/going from one color to another
  • White paper highlights – remove color to lighten the areas for highlights no white paint
  • Final dry brush details – all paper must be dry and use small brush to put in those up close details.
  • Any questions please ask!