Wednesday 11-7

  • 4th and 6th weekly is due today- open sketchbook to drawing and put date on back of paper- then put on corner of desk upside down- so I can take photo
  • Get project, paper towel, water and tool box
  • Make sure your have the gradual wash, the intensity wash and 2 color wash- build the project don’t try to power stroke watercolors they don’t like it- layers, layers
  • Background look at examples in back of room and pick one- I can help you if you wish but remember wash– wet to wet –
5th period
  • Get your art box and project-
  • Most of the issues you are having are with the shapes that you drew - they are touching other shapes- they are not touching the edge of the bottle silhouette- please ask me for help if you need it
  • Remember warm colors in one bottle- next bottle cool colors- leave background alone-
  • Remember sharpen pencils as needed- use gradients and mixing 2 colors-
  • Watch placement of colors try not to get the same color to close to each other.