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Compass Learning



1)  Select the CompassLearning Odyssey button.


2)  Input your username (CompassLearning username: “legal first name” space “last name” for example; John Smith) and your password (your birth date for example if your birth day is February seventh 1998 then type in 20798) 


3)  After you have successfully logged on to the Compass Learning program, scroll down until you find the appropriate folder (particular “Quiz Retake”, particular “Test Retake”, or particular “Section” that you need to open.)


4)    Click on the folder and then click on the first video. Watch each of the videos and then take the relate practice quizzes. You will have up to four tries on each related quiz on order to earn at least a 70% on that quiz. Remember that if you do not make at least a 70% on the quiz the program will automatically take you back to the related video for that particular quiz.