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Policies and Procedures

Classroom Rules:

  1. 1. Please use the restroom before entering the classroom!

2.Follow all rules and regulations outlined in the SCS Student Handbook/CHS Agenda Book.

3.Respect yourself, your teachers, and your classmates.

4.No Internet Surfing--Refer to Internet Policy in Student Handbook.

5.No food, drinks, gum, water bottles/cups, etc. allowed near the computer workstations.

6.No cell phones--Refer to Cell Phone Policy in Student Handbook.


Classroom Procedures:

1.Enter class quietly and quickly get in your assigned seat.

2.Access class home page and begin bell assignment.

3.If you are late, please enter the classroom quietly and give me your late note/tardy slip and be seated immediately.

4.Please pay attention during class lecture/instructions.

5.Log off all workstations before leaving class.

  1. 6. Check website daily.

  2. 7. If you are absent, check website for makeup work (see me for any handouts, etc.)

  3. 8. Always remain quiet and continue working. 

  4. 9. Raise your hand if you have questions or quietly approach my desk.


Consequences for Negative Behavior:

1st  Offense - Verbal Warning

2nd Offense - Contact Parent/Guardian

3rd  Offense - Referral to Grade-level Administrator


Consumable Technology Fees:

$15-Computer Applications (semester)

Checks made payable to CHS....Please pay by the end of the semester....Thanks so much!



  1. 1.  Grading will be based on Total Points!

  2. 2.  Attendance is vital!  

  3. 3.  Each student is expected to be in class on time every day.

  4. 4.  Each student is responsible for missed graded assignments.

  5. 5.  Quizzes/Tests—May or may not be announced, so always be prepared.

  6. 6.  Projects—May be given as group or individual assignments.  All projects must be typed.   Projects may require an oral presentation.