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Class Rules



School Grading Scale

A: 100 - 93

B: 92 - 85

C: 84 - 75

D: 74 - 70

F: 69 and below


Grading with a Point System

At the end of each 9-week period, students will receive a grade based on an accumulation of points. Each student's average will be determined by dividing the total number of points the student earned by the total number of possible points available during the nine weeks.


Make-Up Work & Tests

All tests must be made up at one of two make-up times. Make-up tests are given every morning starting at 6:20am or every afternoon at 2:05pm, (prior notification is required).  Due to my coaching responsibilities, any afternoon make ups must be approved in advance.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher in advance, as to which day they will be making up the test. Any assignments not made up within 5 days present at school, will result in a zero for that assignment and the assigning of academic support. All other assignments must be completed and turned in to the teacher within 3 days present at school, per assignment.  Failure to do so will result in the assigning of Academic Support.  Each day and assignment is late will result in a 10% reduction in the grade.


Extra Credit

Each nine weeks I will give students a chance to earn extra points towards their grade. These extra credit assignments are found on the "Extra Credit" page of my web site. This is strictly an optional assignment. Each nine weeks assignment completed will add 1-20 points to the total points earned (not their nine weeks average) of a student. (Remember only in an honors or A.P. class can the nine weeks average exceed 100).





1st Period: U.S. History/Geography
2nd Period: Personal Finance
3rd Period: Planning
4th Period: U.S. History/Geography

5th Period: Personal Finance
6th Period: U.S. History/Geography
7th Period: Personal Finance

1. Respect the rights of your fellow students.
2. Do not write on my desks or classroom walls.
3. Be in the room when the late bell rings.
4. Leave the room the way you found it (throw away your trash)