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Wellness Syllabus


Glencoe Online Health Book:


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Tommy Miller                 (M,W,F) Periods 1,2,3,4,6 PE Gym

              Period 5 Varsity Gym

(T,Th) Room 105



Course Description

The content of the course includes six standards:

1: Disease Prevention & Control.  Chapters 23 & 25

2: Mental, emotional, and social health.  Chapter 5

3: Nutrition.  Chapters 10 & 11

4: Personal fitness.  Chapter 12

5: Safety and First Aid.  Chapters 26, and 27

6: Substance Use and Abuse.  Chapters 19, 20, 21, 22


Each content area is addressed in a classroom and/or physical activity setting.  Personal fitness is emphasized and integrated throughout the course.  Students are provided opportunities to explore how content areas are interrelated. Students acquire knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding their health and well being throughout their lifetime.


Course Requirement and grading scale

For the gym – 20 pts per day based on dress and participation rubric

1.     PE uniform - $20-30 (depending on choice)

2.     Socks

3.     Athletic Shoes


For the classroom – grades are based on total points from tests (100), quizzes (10), class work (10-30, Journals 20, etc.

1.    Notebook paper

2.     Pencil

3.     Textbook (Classroom Set)






1.     Students will dress out every day unless told otherwise by the teacher.

2.     In case of serious or extended illness or injury (more than 1 week) a doctor's note is required with instructions regarding appropriate activity or inactivity.

3.     Students have 5 minutes after the tardy bell to dress and sit on assigned space for attendance.

4.     No equipment is to be picked up or activity begun until after attendance. 

5.     During class, students may not go into the dressing room without permission.

6.     Grades are based on participation, effort, and attitude.

7.     Dressing out everyday and enthusiastically participating in every activity is a positive approach to the grading process.

8.     Do NOT leave ANY valuables in the locker room!!!! All valuable will be locked up in a locker by the teacher at the beginning of class.