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Physical Education Grading Policy

Physical Education Grading Policy

All students will be graded using a rubric in physical education class. Each day is worth 10 points. Students are graded on participation/dress, effort, punctuality, and attitude. If all of these expectations are met for that day, 10 points will be awarded. Students must dress appropriately for PE and participate actively and to the best of their ability for the entire class in order to receive full credit.

10 Point Daily Rubric: The student:

•Displays outstanding participation, is highly active, self-motivated, adequately prepared, and punctual
•Displays excellent levels of effort
•Models positive behavior and attitude
•Demonstrates great sportsmanship
•Demonstrates personal and social responsibility

•Actively participates in class activity-needs no encouragement, and is adequately prepared
•Displays satisfactory levels of effort
•Displays appropriate behavior and attitude
•Demonstrates sportsmanship
•Is late for class without a pass (unexcused)

• Participates in class with some encouragement
• Stays involved and makes some effort in participation
• Occasionally does not demonstrate appropriate behavior or attitude
• Actively participates with sneakers but without a change of clothes

•Engages in activity for only a short period of time and/or needs frequent encouragement to engage in activity
•Portrays poor behavior and/or attitude
•Interferes with other student’s opportunity to learn, or the teacher’s ability to teach

•Does not actively participate despite encouragement
•Constantly disrupts class requiring disciplinary action
•Exhibits difficulty staying on task; teacher consistently gives direction/motivation
•Has acted in an irresponsible and/or disrespectful manner

•Absent from class (excused or unexcused)
•Does not participate in class

Absences: Students who are absent from school (unexcused) will lose 10 points for that day. Students who are absent from PE class (excused) for health reasons, attending a school field trip or athletic event, scheduled guidance or other counselor meeting, state and local exams will not be penalized for that day.

“0’s”: If a student does not change or participate in class, they will lose 10 points for that day.