Technology: Schoology, CS Student Email, How Tos & Helpful Hints

Need the links that are found on Classlink or LaunchPad? Go to Find "Students" on the white bar at the top. Click on Classlink in the drop down menu. You need your Microsoft/ email password to log in.
Collierville Schools District Email Policy:
Students are not allowed to access a personal email on a Collierville School device. A Collierville Schools email has been provided for every student for academic use.
CS prefers for students to utilize OneDrive on their school Microsoft account for academic work only. Personal (nonacademic) documents should be housed on a personal Google Doc or icloud.
Collierville Schools Email sign in:
 A typical Collierville Schools student email is your first initial, last name, last 4 digits of your Powerschool id, and the words Some may have numbers added.
This link can be found on the CHS homepage on the "Student" drop-down menu on top of the large picture.
Please set up a password retrieval method at
The "how to" file "Office365 Password Reset.pdf" file is below.
Schoology sign in:
               1. Sign in and go to courses.
           2. Choose your course.
           3. Double click the assignment and get started.
           4. Find this:  CHS homepage "Student" drop-down menu over the large picture.
           5. Trouble getting in? Look near the password box for the letters "SSO." Click.
              Type/choose Collierville High School, click the blue button, and re-enter the login.


Typing in Microsoft Word on OneDrive – suggested when internet is available.

          1. Sign in to your school email.

          2. Open WORD.

          3. Click File at the top left, save as, click desktop, & name your document.

          4. Follow the instructions below to "Upload from OneDrive to Schoology."



Typing in Microsoft Word on a home computer-suggested when internet is NOT available.

          1. Open WORD.

          2. Choose MLA formatting and type your document.

          3. Click File at the top left, save as, click desktop, & name your document.

          4. Move the Word document to a flash drive for transport to a computer with internet.

          5. Upload to Schoology when internet access is available (see “Uploading from a    

              Desktop version of Microsoft Word to Schoology” below).

          6. Need internet? Check the CHS or Public Library hours!

Uploading from OneDrive to Schoology
          1. Choose the Microsoft tiles on the top left corner.
          2. Open a new tab, go to Schoology and sign in.
          3. Go to "Courses" and pick your class.
          4. Choose and open the correct assignment.
          5. Click "Submit assignment" on the right side.
          6. In the new window choose the file the resource tab.
          7. Click on Apps.
          8. Choose Microsoft Office OneDrive.
          9. Scroll to your desired file and checkmark your file.
        10. Click Import.
        11. Click Import File
        12. Log out of OneDrive and Schoology. You are done!
Uploading from Microsoft Word desktop version to Schoology
          1. Create the document in Microsoft Word and save to your desktop.
          2. Close the document.
          3. Sign in to your school email.
          4. Go to
          5. Open the assignment.
          6. Choose "submit assignment" on the top right of the Schoology page.
          7. Drag the document to the small window OR click the tiny square file button in the small window & pick a file from your computer.
          8. Click "choose."
          9. Click submit- the submission will be visible on the top right of the white portion.
        10. Log out of Schoology.
        11. When using school computers, move documents from the desktop to the trash.
        12. Clear the browser history on the computer.
Schoology App for Your Phone
          The Schoology app is available. When you log in, use the space that says "school."