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The following requirements need to happen BEFORE you are allowed to tryout. All items needed for download are immediately below this info.

All Girls, both new and returning, must complete the following:

  1.     APPLICATION- found in this document- print and turn in all pages.
  2.     the Demerits form- found in this document- print and turn in all.
  3.     Three teacher reference forms- found in this document
  4.     Physical form- found in this document or on my page next to this document- must be complete, signed by a parent, AND signed by a doctor
  5.     Online CHS Sports Safety Requirements 2018-2019- at
 SportsWare Log in is a 2 part process:   
             Special note: If you have a sibling in the SportsWare system, each sibling must have a different log in.
             1. Create a log in and get as far as you can.
                  You will need to follow the directions in the "SportsWare Sports Online Medical paperwork" file below.
             2. SportsWare will not notify you of the CHS acceptance. Wait 24 hours to be
                 accepted by CHS, then login to complete the process.
         d. Physical (completed after April 16 this year) from a MEDICAL doctor ( your own, Kroger little clinic, etc . . .) not a dentist,                not a chiropractor, etc. . . IF you had a physical to try out for a different sport, your physical should be in the office.
You will need to take the form below to Dr. Holcomb and ask him to sign to verify that he has your up to date physical.
If you played another sport, **All physicals and sports medicine paperwork must be completed after April 16 this year to be in compliance for the 2017-2018 school year.
Learn 2 cheers from the videos below to perform at tryouts Friday, September 7, 2:30-3:20 in room A210.
Files needed: 









Welcome to D squared Basketball Cheer. We are a small team that cheers for Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys basketball during the home games only. On occasion, we will go to an away game for a rival school. In addition, the tournament games may require attendance; however, this will be determined at a later date.

Application availability is announced via afternoon announcements and the CHS website.
Auditions are held and cheer participants are chosen from those who have submitted a complete teacher reference and application packet. Please feel free to practice the cheers found on this page in order to be ready for tryouts.


Cheer dues and uniform cost can be found on the application packet. All uniform and cheer items belong to the cheerleader. There will be an opportunity to resell at the beginning of the following year when fitting for the new year. More info TBA at the beginning of the year.


Our current fundraiser is TBA; however, funds will not be applied to the uniform or dues but used to help with drinks, snacks, and Senior night.


Any additional information needed will be found in the cheer application packet.


For questions or concerns please email Cristi Parker:





For team announcements please sign up below on Remind.



Text the @ code below to 901-881-4231, then text a reply to Remind w/ your first & last name.

Cheer    @38017bbch

*Parents can join, too.