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Bringing Our Classrooom News2You

The year is moving along great! We are hard at work on our
N2Y curriculum.

We will be finishing up our unit on the Ecosystem over the next couple weeks leading into Thanksgiving with many discussions involving how plants and animals work together; i.e. Food Chains. Also, during the month of November we will also be starting our unit on the Transportation of Goods.

Weekly Schedule for November 9-13th
Work Based Instruction will be at Walgreens on Tuesday & Thursday for those students attending.


Community Based Instruction Wednesday November 18th will be at the Whole Foods Grocery in Germantown .
Students will be purchasing ‘goods’ as well as lunch at the store. (Teaching Tip: This promotes a great opportunity for conversation about goods for purchase at the store and where they may have come from and what transportation they may have required to get to Whole Foods! ☺)

We will be eating lunch as a group at Whole Foods. Please plan accordingly.

The Holidays are fast approaching! Please refer to student communication notebooks for important information that may be coming home in coming weeks.

Thank you for all your wonderful support of our program!